Our Supporters

In all the years since the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition began in 1987, and as hard as it has been to live “from hand to mouth” seven days a week in all that time, we have always marveled at the people who find us on their own and give to us without condition and without reservation, because something in their hearts tells them to do it and they can’t resist.  Among them:

  • The real estate developer who, twenty years ago, suggested we organize the support of the real estate community of West Hollywood, and who, when he found out that we couldn’t, decided to make a monthly donation to us on their behalf, which he has continued to do from that time to this.
  • The Beverly Hills High School senior who ten years ago gave us a scholarship award she had gotten to UCLA and who then, as a UCLA student, went on to organize Beverly Hills for us from the ground up — beginning with the public elementary schools.  She and her family have been unwavering supporters ever since.
  • The oldtime Los Angeles mall owner who gave us the biggest kitchen on his property rent-free for nine years.
  • The horror film star who was been “tithing” to us, month in and month out, for years.
  • The bar owner and his mother who gave us their tiny kitchen and garage for nearly two years, during a difficult period when we had lost ours — this, at the risk of their being closed down by the Health Department.
  • The two female photographers who let us build a kitchen in the showroom of a rent-a-car company which they then operated in West Hollywood.
  • The facilities manager at a movie studio who gave us a place to park our truck and then organized to give us all the money they usually spend on presents to their “vendors.”
  • The software designer who tried to give us his brand-new Jaguar XKE but whom we talked into giving us a check instead — the largest single check we’ve ever gotten.
  • The creator of an immensely successful long-running television program, who has been giving to us regularly for twenty years.
  • The young board member of a family foundation in Seattle who on his own initiative offered us the money to fix up our truck, which at the time was on its last legs but is now resplendent and beautiful.
  • The bookstore owner who offered to let us build a kitchen in her building, but who, when she was prevented, rented us a defunct restaurant instead — our present kitchen, and far and away the best one we’ve ever had.

Here is a partial list of our supporters:

The Aaroe Associates Charitable Foundation
The Agrama and Scherma Families
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Anne C. Rosenfield/UCLA Community Partnership Prize
The Atol Foundation
Kevin Boyd
CBS Entertainment
The Center for Early Education
The Chadorchi Family
The North Hollywood Church of Religious Science
The City of West Hollywood
Richard S. Clark
The Discover-a-Star Foundation
The Farmers Market
FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program
The Ferrell/Paulin Family Foundation
The Garland Foundation
The GE Fund
Holly and Tom Gores
Ann Gund
Orly Halevy and Diana Ezra
The House of Blues
The Kaiser Foundation
The Katie Smith Endowment Fund
The Kohn Family Corporation
Marcella Krisel
L.A. Security Storage
The Looker Foundation
The Lot
The Marriott Corporation
William L. Moseley
David Nevins
The People’s Court
Public Counsel
The Rosenthal Family Foundation
The Satterberg Foundation
Sarah Timberman and Ed Redlich
St. Victor Church, West Hollywood
Tony Vincent and Aladdin Developers
Jennifer and Kambiz Yadidi
and The UCLA Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Law

All supporters of the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition mean the world to us — quite literally — and even moreso to the people we serve. Please consider making a donation in whatever amount, no matter how small. Visit our Donation Page for more information on becoming a GWHFC supporter.