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From time to time, we’ll post articles relating to the lives of the homeless and hungry. With over 90,000 homeless in Los Angeles, and hundreds of thousands more nationwide, too often, media outlets highlight the few “bad eggs” among the group of people who are struggling to get by on a daily basis. That, in turn, skews public opinion, and fuels the opportunity for people to turn a blind eye to people who are desperately in need of help. Through the articles we post, we’ll try to provide unbiased information related to the homeless community, in an effort to raise awareness of the large need for help.


As Homeless Line Up for Food, Los Angeles Weighs Restrictions(11/25/13) by Adam Nagourney, The New York Times

Feeding the Homeless in Public Spaces(11/26/13) by Warren Olney, KCRW and NPR

Sorry, neighbors, but the homeless need the ‘public feedings’(12/6/13) by The Times Editorial Board, The Los Angeles Times

America’s Coming Homeless Surge – (2/20/12) by Michelle Hirsch and Alix Pianin, The Fiscal Times

Altering Clothes, and Lives, with Design – (2/29/12) by Jennifer Conlin, The New York Times

Former NJ Governor Goes Undercover as Homeless Man – (3/7/12) by Brian Thompson,

A Fight for LA’s Sidewalks – (4/5/12) Editorial, LA Times

Section 8 Housing Help for Homeless Ex-Convicts – (4/18/12) Editorial, LA Times

Homeless Children Living on the Highway to Disney World – (4/19/12) by Saki Knafo, Huffington Post

Homelessness – Thinking Globally, Acting Locally – (4/25) by Christine Schanes, Huffington Post

Homeless “Bill of Rights” Considered – (5/14) by David Klepper, Huffington Post

Myths About Homelessness – (5/23) by Christine Schanes, Huffington Post

UCLA Mobile Clinic Project benefits both sides of the clipboards – (7/16) by Erin Loury, Los Angeles Times

Homelessness Is Not a Popular Cause – (7/31) by Nadia Gomos, Huffington Post

L.A. County to focus funds on chronically homeless – (8/15) by Alexandra Zavis, Los Angeles Times