The homeless and hungry, and the people who help them, are the subjects of stories in the mass media usually only twice a year – at Thanksgiving and Christmas – when there is a regular outpouring of warm feelings, and when volunteers – some of whom are celebrities – come out in droves.  These are the “good news” stories which, in the perception of editors everywhere, everybody likes to read.  Other than that, even in Los Angeles, where it is estimated that up to 90,000 people “go to bed” homeless every night of the year, there is very little reporting about them – unless, as happened recently, it is discovered that one of them is a Juilliard-trained classical musician.  Surely, he shouldn’t be without a roof over his head.  But what about the others?

The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition would love to tell the stories of the people we serve. Not as “the homeless story,” but as an ongoing collection of stories about individual people who happen to be homeless, and who, in many cases, need a lot more help than we can give. If we had the opportunity to be their voice, we might all have a basis to feel good as a community, and not just at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

With all that said, for media inquiries and for any opportunities you might know of that would allow us to give a positive voice to the people we serve, as a group of volunteers in Los Angeles, please email us and we’ll respond pretty much immediately.